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About Techzim Surge and the ZOL Startup Challenge

Surge, you will realise is a new name. Although the name is new, the concept is not. It’s what we’ve contributed to the ecosystem over the past three years. The surge event is not just a culmination of BarCamp 2011 and BarCamp 2012 but most importantly, a culmination of the experiences we’ve had.As the name denotes, a real surge is required for startups and the entire ecosystem locally to make the most of the opportunities available.

The Surge 13 conference is for startup entrepreneurs and everyone passionate about moving Zimbabwe’s technology scene forward. It involves dialogue, networking and even provides a platform to showcase products and services. If you’re looking for a job at a startup or to be a part of a great team, Surge 13 is the place to be as some exhibitors (including Techzim) are hiring and would love to meet you. The ZOL Startup Challenge is also back with the same ideals and commitment as before. Instead of "prizes", the focus this year and moving forward is all about seed investment. We’re glad to note that those that participated in last year's challenge, have had some achievements in terms growth, and revenue and are keen to witness more of this

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