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Welcome to Techzim Surge and the ZOL Startup Challenge

We're excited to finally announce this year's Zol Startup Challenge and Surge 13. Surge, you will realise is a new name. Although the name is new, the concept is not. It’s what we’ve contributed to the ecosystem over the past three years. The surge event is not just a culmination of BarCamp 2011 and BarCamp 2012 but most importantly, a culmination of the experiences we’ve had.As the name denotes, a real surge is required for startups and the entire ecosystem locally to make the most of the opportunities available.

If you are a startup and would like to enter the challenge, please submit your application here.

To just attend this year's conference and challenge, please get your ticket here (Only get a ticket if you are not pitching).

Read more about Surge and the ZOL Startup Challenge on the about page.

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